Do you Digg it?

Oh yeah I’m grooving up in here! “I can digg it, he can digg it. She can digg it. We can digg it. They can digg it. You can digg it. Oh let’s digg it. Can you digg it, baby?”

Having a rich journalism background, love for my iPad, is how I read the news stories around the world that people find interesting. I don’t have time to check an endless list of websites, nor do I allow Facebook to send me an update when a company I “like” posts an update. However, I like to be well-informed.  I also know that many of my colleagues use this popular website. In fact, the site has a new beta section of their “newsrooms” tab. I think it’s because they know this is how many journalists and e-news junkies keep up with what’s going on. So with all of these journalistic eyes on, why are so few companies digging their own content? It is a great way to grab the interest of the journalists your PR department is trying to reach.  I often checked Digg as a Senior Editor at the newspaper, it let me quickly look for visual opportunities in our area. So, before you fax, email, tweet the press release  and  call every editor in the newsroom, can you Digg it?

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